Enrollment & Notice

One trail class is offered to all students.

When a student enrolls in to the school, please note they are not enrolling for one term only, they are enrolled in to the school as ongoing. Registration enrollment forms clearly state this & reminders are emailed out during the term.

If you wish to enroll for one term only, this must be stated clearly in writing before their trial class & on joining the school.

Should a student wish to stop classes, it is essential that 1/2 a terms' notice (6 weeks) is given in writing (email). N.B telling the class teacher verbally is not sufficient! Notice must be emailed to the Director of the School; Mrs Samantha Melville-Smith & receipt acknowledged.

If this is not given in the correct format as above, 1/2 a terms fees will be due for payment.

If a parent wishes to make any changes to a student’s class or similar, they must make written contact with the director, Mrs Samantha and have these officiated. Discussions between class teacher and parents are not viable until they have been approved by Mrs Samantha.a

Class Cancellations

Inspire Ballet & Dance London reserves the right to cancel any class for reasons they deem fit where absolutely necessary. Alternative 'make up' classes will be offered in exchange or a refund will be given if these are not possible.

If a class does need to be cancelled, as much notice as possible will be given via various forms of communication (email, telephone, notices); although please note the situation is unforeseeable and urgent, in rare cases class may also be cancelled last minute.

Photography, Physical corrections & Assisted toilet trips for the infants.

Inspire Ballet & Dance respects the privacy of all students. All Staff are Advanced DBS checked and operate with a strict child safeguarding policy (please contact the office for further details).

Photography; permission will be requested for any photographic exposure of students. Parents are welcome to opt out. Inspire Ballet & Dance is regularly involved with public shows and events where control over public photography is less accessible - please bear this in mind when allowing your child to participate if you have not granted photographic permission as in this case we can not be held liable for their exposure.

Parents accompanying their child in Nursery Ballet are asked to refrain from filming or photography until watching week please.

The nature of Dance tuition does sometimes require respectable, professional physical corrections to be made where the teacher may appropriately move a body part of a student to correct their alignment etc. If you do not grant such permission please inform the school on enrolment. 

Assisted toilet trips for infants; On occasion the youngest children may need to be supervised and taken to the toilets by our assistants or teachers, parents who do not grant permission for their children to be helped by IB&D staff are required to wait in the changing rooms for the duration of the class in case.

Communication between parents and Inspire Ballet & Dance staff.

All communications between parents and Inspire Ballet & Dance staff must go through the director Mrs Samantha via email. Verbal discussions about how a student is getting on may of course be held but any decisions, arrangements or scheduling of lessons or alike outside usual classes must strictly go through Mrs Samantha. Parents and staff are not permitted to issue or exchange personal details or organize private lessons without the director’s consent. All arrangements must be made via email to the school office or Mrs Samantha directly.