Huge congratulations (and standing ovation) on the fantastic performances you produced on Sunday. Not only did everything look fantastic but every single child (and adult) was beaming with joy and pride at being part of your team. An absolutely outstanding achievement. You are an inspiration.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Marianne (Maiya's mum)
Samantha is the most inspiring teacher I have ever met. Every single child should be so proud of having an opportunity to work with such a talented teacher.
— Indre Silkiniene
Ms. Samantha is the most inspiring dance teacher ever. Everything she does is imbued with love and passion. Your child will not only learn a beautiful artwork but inspired in a creative and magical way
— Laura Swann
A fabulous place to learn to dance with the best ballet teacher in London
— Jenny Duncan
We were both buzzing last night after your class. I can’t tell you how impressed I was with your set up, you are really very inspiring and we are looking forward to coming back. I was saying to my friend last night, the class was brill but to be honest I’d pay just to come sit and watch you dance, you’re a stunning dancer.
— Carly Isaac
Thanks so much for your wonderful classes, they’re so fun and enjoyable and it’s amazing to have such a high quality class on my doorstep!
— Lise & Emilia Pinnell